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The LiProPac solution

We offer an efficient and sustainable solution on how to handle, store and transport lithium batteries safely throughout the entire life cycle.

But what does that mean?

To start or keep a fire burning you need three things:
Fuel, Oxygen and Heat.
A lithtium-ion battery contains both fuel and oxygen which makes it very difficult to put out the fire.

Thermal runaway is one of the primary risks related to lithium-ion batteries. It is a phenomenon in which the lithium-ion cell enters an uncontrollable, self-heating state until it starts to burn.

The most common causes for a thermal runaway involves over-charging/-discharging, high c-rates, short circuits, external heating and mishandling that may cause cell damage.

How we do it


ClimSel™ C48-X is a salt hydrate based Phase Change Material that works by either charging or discharging energy at different temperatures.
The PCM shields is a non-combustible material that absorb the heat release from a cell or battery, delaying a thermal runaway in the cell or battery. It also protects against further heat development in the package and has a certain extinguishing effect in the event of fire.

Fire extinguisher

In the event of a battery fire, the active agent of the fire extinguisher is released, consisting of potassium salts (K2CO) that neutralizes the electrolyte’s decomposition products, such as Hydrogen Fluoride (HF). This prevents the formation of highly flammable gases such as Hydrogen (H).

The resulting neutralizing action ultimately controls the fire and allows the temperature in the enclosure to drop below the threshold necessary for the thermal runaway to sustain itself.